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Kane County Region 110 Winter 2023 Newsletter 

Kane County Region 110 Fall 2023 Newsletter

Thanks for joining us at Teach CTE on February 28, 2020. Below are some resources from that event.

Lisa M. Wilson’s Mindfulness Education and Get Focused Stay Focused program

Tools for Using Video in the Classroom

Three Things You Can Do To Create Your Next Advancement Opportunity

How to Show Up Confidently and Energetically in your Career

CTE Leader Effectiveness

CTE Leadership Handout

Teach CTE 2020 – In-Demand Career Fields & Education Options

Ken Wallace’s Teach CTE Presentation

Alternative Application User Guide

Keynote Presentation

CTE Unpacking Standards

Assessment in CTE

Teach CTE Supporting Our Students Through a Trauma Invested Approach

7 Conclusions from the World’s Largest Teacher Burnout Survey

Alignment Presentation

Why Teachers Quit – Educators Share The Reasons Why They Leave

Why Teacher Self-Care Matters and How to Practice Self-Care in Your School

Stress Contagion Possible Amongst Students and Teachers UBC study

Stress Contagion in the Classroom – The Link Between Classroom Teacher Burnout and Morning Cortisol in Elementary School Students

Copy of Most Teachers Report High Levels of Stress, Study Finds – Teaching Now – Education Week Teacher

How To Create a Self Care Plan

How Teachers’ Stress Affects Students

Healthy + Educators Student Achievement

Educational Leadership – Is It Burnout Or Demoralization

50 Ways to Practice Self-Care

CTE Career Effectiveness Presentation

CTE Career Effectiveness Handout