Early College Credit

Earn College Credit While Completing High School Coursework

Some Career & Technical Education programs provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit while completing high school coursework. This can be achieved by participating in dual credit programs or by receiving articulated credit through Elgin Community College.

Dual Credit

Typically during their senior year, students can participate in the Tech Prep Dual Credit Program at ECC during the school day and receive both high school and college credit. Enrollment is limited and an application is required. The student’s school district pays for the tuition costs at ECC, but students may be required to pay for supplies, fees, and/or textbooks. The Tech Prep Dual Credit Program at ECC is open to students in school districts 300, 301, and 303. To learn more about dual credit programs offered through ECC, visit https://elgin.edu/admissions/apply/high-school-students/dual-credit-program/.

Articulated Credit

Students in districts 300, 301, 303, and U-46 have access to courses offered at their high schools that, once completed with at least a B, can give them college credit if they enroll at ECC within the next 27 months. Specific course offerings will vary by school. Please review your school’s course guide or speak with your counselor to determine which courses are designated as articulated-credit courses. There are no ECC tuition costs associated with these courses. For more information, visit https://elgin.edu/admissions/apply/high-school-students/articulated-credit/.