Business & Entrepreneurship Courses

1000  Fundamentals of Business

0.5 Credit / 1 semester
Prerequisites: 9th – 10th grade (11th – 12th grade with Department Chair Approval)
Description: This orientation-level course will provide an overview of all aspects of business marketing and management, including the concepts, functions, and skills required for meeting the challenges of operating a business in a global economy. Topics covered will include the various forms of business ownership, including entrepreneurship, as well as the basic functional areas of business (finance, management, marketing, administration, and production). Students will be introduced to a wide range of careers in business. Emphasis will be placed on using the computer while studying applications in these careers along with communication skills. Business ethics will be integrated within this course. This course will provide preparation for the skill level courses that make up the Business, Marketing and Management occupations programs, and is the orientation level course for Accounting, Entrepreneurship and/or Marketing.

1001/1002  INCubatoredu

1.0 credit / 1 year
Prerequisites: 10th – 12th grade and successful completion of Fundamentals of Business (or Department Chair Approval)
Description: This course is designed to get students excited about becoming true entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service in a 21st century classroom learning environment. Real-world entrepreneurs and business experts serve as coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development. Over the course of the year, students teams learn about marketing, accounting, as well as the legal aspects of starting a business. Successful completion of this course fulfills the Consumer Education graduation requirement. Student teams whose businesses are funded for launch, as well as students who are hired by those teams to operate a launched business, may be eligible to earn credit in year 2. Visit for more information.

1005/1006  Accounting 1

1.0 credit / 1 year
Prerequisites: 10th – 12th grade
Description: Accounting 1 is a course that assists students pursuing a career in business, marketing, and management. This course includes planned learning experiences that develop initial and basic skills used in systematically computing, classifying, recording, verifying, and maintaining numerical data involved in financial and product control records including the paying and receiving of money. Instruction includes information on keeping financial records, summarizing them for convenient interpretation, and analyzing them to provide assistance to management for decision making. Accounting computer applications will be integrated. In addition, instruction will provide an initial understanding of the preparation of budgets and financial reports, operation of related business machines and equipment, and career opportunities in the accounting field. Articulates with Elgin Community College ACC 100.

1007/1008  Accounting 2

1.0 credit / 1 year
Prerequisites: 11th – 12th grade and successful completion of Accounting 1
Description: Accounting 2 is a course that builds upon the foundation established in Accounting 1. This course is planned to help students to develop deeper knowledge of the principles of accounting with more emphasis being placed on financial statements and accounting records. It is a study of previously learned principles as they apply to the more complicated types of business organizations: partnerships, corporations, branches, etc.

1015/1016  Marketing

1.0 credit / 1 year
Prerequisites: 11th – 12th grade
Description: This course explores the basic principles of marketing such as the creation of concepts, strategies, and the development of marketing plans. Students learn about the components of the marketing mix, target marketing, sponsorship, event marketing, promotions, proposals, and execution of planning. This course emphasizes strong decision-making, critical thinking, and collaborative skills to complete group marketing projects throughout the semester. Marketing introduces students to this exciting field, which includes advertising, consumer research, product development, packaging, and selling. Students will be challenged to create new marketing ideas as they analyze current marketing trends. Real life projects allow students to demonstrate their understanding of these areas. This course will examine the impact of marketing in our everyday lives, as well as teach many critical business concepts to ready students for a career in the area of marketing. Articulates with Elgin Community College MKT 103.